Do you want to delete your facebook account if yes then you are at the right place. Today in this article we will learn how to delete it.

Facebook has been a social media giant since long time and we are also getting familiar to its negative impacts and dark sides. Many people nowadays don't trust facebook at all due to its privacy issuses and so they run to delete the facebook account.

How to delete a facebook account

Some person don't like to use facebook because they don't want their data to be sold to advertisers. The complete network of selling data and advertising has been built in internet where you will be ruined and so many people are stoping to use facebook.

i know i talked alot negative about facebook but its reality and so Nowadays many facebook users are trying to delete their facebook account . But facebook don't offer simple interface to delete but its fair because i am here to teach you.

Steps to Delete facebook account

Step 1 : Okay in order to delete your facebook account , At first go to facebook and in menu click on " three bars" . This will bring you to a page like this .

Facebook settings

Step 2 : In above picture you will see an option "settings" . Just click on that and you will reach to following page.

Account ownership

Step 3 : In above picture you will see an option " Account ownership and control"
Just click on that and you will see something like this .

Deactivation and deletion

Step 4 : In above picture you will see an option called " Deactivation and deletion ". Just click on that and you will see something like this .

In above picture there will be two options Deactivate account and another is deleting account . Deactivating is simply closing it for a while and deleting means removing permanently.

After this page you will be asked questions like why do you want to deactivate or delete account etc. Its because Facebook don't want to lose its userbase.

But if you are sure to delete then just answer those question and delete it. I am not completing because i don't want to delete mine right now. Well your account information will remain for 30 days and after that facebook will remove it.

Difference between delete and deactivate

Is deletion and deactivation is same ? No completely not . Deactivation means just to off your facebook account for sometime. And believe me nothing is changed and your personal data and information are still in facebook server .

Whereas deletion means to delete your account permanently and you will lose all your personally data like posts , pages ,groups etc. But when you delete your account some information like name ,address will still remain in facebook database. They use it for advertisement and as we all know facebook has many social platform like instagram, whatsapp etc. So they share data commonly.

But still deleting will permanently remove your data like post pictures , videos etc.

Facebook data backup

Okay this is most important before deleting facebook account. You should backup your facebook data before you delete your account permanently. So what does this basically do is download all your post , profile name photos and videos .

Some time you may have very important videos on your facebook and so it may be useful in future,  In such case you will be able to get your video back. But if you don't want any such data posts videos and memories then you can leave this option.


Finally i want to conclude few things like facebook is a huge social media platform , yet it is very vunerable and already hacked many times and even facebook was fined for data and privacy issues. So it is better not to use facebook if you don't want to reveal your personal data and other information.

And if you want to delete it then please download a backup as you may have very valuable resources and your memories on facebook. If you have a business account and have videos , advertising banner then obviously it will be very useful if you just backup it.

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Did you forgot password of google account ? And Now you are unable to sign in to it . If yes then, thanks to god because you are at 101% correct place.

so when you forget your password ,  google offer password reset or recovery.
Many people also call it gmail password recovery or reset. But i call it just "password resetting".

But wait google don't allow anyone to reset password . What does it mean ?
Well it means that it will verify ownership and check whether its your account or not . And for verification there are several ways and these ways depends on pre set information like if you have added recovery email then you will be able to verify through email .

Google has facility of adding phone number and you can get sms to your mobile to verify. Except phone number and email , it also used device verification   like if its your mobile or not.

So i basically outlined how will you verify your ownership and according to method of verification there are some  4 common ways of Google password recovery.

1. Recovery by email
2. By recovery phone number
3.  prompt on mobile phone or device verification.
4. Auto device verification

There are many website where you can get this kind of article . But most of them are old and unupdated , this is most latest article so may be it will help.

1.Recovery by email

Okay so at first we will recover our google  account by recovery email. This option is only available to user which has already set their recovery email. If you also have set it then just follow these steps.

Step 1 : At first Go to google account recovery page .There you will see like this >>>>

Step 2 : In the above page there you will be asked your gmail . Just enter it then you will see like this  >>>>

Step 3 : In the above picture there you will be asked to enter you last password. Since you dont know it so just type anything and click on next . Then you will see like this >>>>

Step 4 : In above picture you will be asked to enter your recovery email just type and click on next . Then you will see like this >>>>

 Step 5 : In above picture you will see box asking the code which was sent in email. So At first check your email you will see a message like this >>>>

Just type this code in step 4 box and then you will see like this >>>>

Step 6 : In above box there you will be asked to create a new password and also confirm it . And click next button then you will see like this >>>

Congratulation !! You have successfully reset your password . Just remember it and try not to forget .

2. By recovery phone number

Okay , recovery by phone number is another way , you can reset your password . But to use this you must have already added your recovery phone number . This number can be set in security of google account.

In this method you will get an sms code to your inbox and you can simply verify your ownership.

Just follow these steps to reset password through phone number .

Step 1 : At first go to google chrome browser and just search for " Google account recovery page." You will see many option but click on snippet having URL like then you will see something like this >>>

Step 2:  In above box just fill your gmail Id and click on next then you will see like this>>>

Step 3 : In above box there is an option " Try any other way to sign in" just click on that and then you will see like this >>>

Step 4 : In above picture just click on " send sms text message " and you will see a  new window like this >>>

Step 5 : In the above box you will be asked to enter six digit code. Hey this code has already been sent to your phone . Then you will see like this >>>

Hey after 6 hours it will send you a notification on mobile phone with link to reset your password . There you can simply create your new password and just reset it .

3. Prompt on mobile phone or device

Hey this method is often used by google if your account is signed in to a particular device . Like my google account is signed in to this phone only so . Most of the time google account uses this method to verify. So Always try to avoid sign in to other devices.

In this method you will be asked on check for verification code through navigation bar of phone.

If you want to use this method just follow these steps.

Step 1:
Just goto your chrome browser and search the term " gmail password recovery " .
 And click on the site with URL " in"  or similar like this then you will see like this ----->

Step 2 : 
Just fill up the box with email to be recovered and click on next on the above picture.
After clicking on next you will see something like this----->
Password box

Step 3 :
You don't know your password so you just enter any wrong password of word but must be a bit long . 
And the click on the "Next" button after you click next you will see like this ---->
Phone verification

Step 4 :
In above picture you are watching that there is a question "  Do you have your phone its because google want to verify that its you . " sometime you may lost your phone and in such case this method won't work . 

If you are using your phone then click on next  then you will see like this ----'>
 Step 5 : 
In the above picture it has told to open notification bar and tap 8 or you will be given any number just tap there and you will see like this ----->

Human verification

Step 6 :
Just click " yes " on the above picture and then you will see something like this ------>
Change password
Step 7 :
Fill up the above box with strong password .
If your password is not strong google will refuse to  get it so make sure  your password is really strong . Then click on " Next "
Then you will be given to review your account and its done.

You will also receive a mail like this.

Mail from google

4. Auto device verification

This method is very unknown and as in name Auto verification , it uses device cookies , browser settings , location to verify your ownership automatically.

To reset your password just follow these steps.

Step 1 :
Just go to your chrome browser and search for " gmail password recovery " and then click on the website with URL like or similar then you will see like this---->
Enter email

Step 2 :
Enter your email in the given box which is needed to be recovered as seen in the above box and click on the next button.
Then you will see like this ----->

Step 3 :
In the above box just fill any wrong password as you don't know your original password and click on Next then you will see something like this---->

Create password

Did you notice something ? Google did'nt asked for any verification and prompt or email or sms. So why this happened ? Because google was 100% sure this time . It was new account and was sign in this device only and i used same browser so it verified ownership automatically.

Step 4 :
Just create a strong password with combinations of numbers and letter and fill the above box and click on next then you will see something like this ----->
Signed in

Now all completed and you are done . From now you can use your new password for sign in or login.

Is there any other tips and ways of verification ? 

So i explained about 4 ways for recovering or resetting your gmail account password . But sometime user are very careless or may due to lack of knowledge they don't add recovery information . And in such case they are unable to verify ownership and so they cannot reset their password .

So in such case there are few things which can help you.

1. Cookies and browser

Google and many other website uses cookies to store some data like your firstname and lastname and email etc. And so if you ever tried to reset or recover your google account then always use your regular browser , the browser which you used most of time.

2. Location

During recovering your account always use location you used most like your home or workplace then it will be easy for google to verify. Google maintain good record of location for future security and usage.

How to re-secure your recovered google account ?

Hey guys after resetting or reclaiming your google account you must follow some tips so that you won't loose your account again.

Few easy steps like adding recovery email and phone number , writing password on hardcopy like paper etc can easily secure your account. There is a dedicated  article to secure your google account .


So finally i want to conclude few points so that you will feel easy to recover your account. At first in order to verify ownership of your account you must have added some recovery information.
Secondly you must not sign in your account to unknown devices and browser because it make device verification a bit hard and also keep removing other devices access from google account.

Thirdly you should be very regular at internet and updates about google account . Google constantly monitor your account security and keep mailing you about it. And final you must use same browser and location so that google can easily verify you.

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Are you still trying to remember passwords , you sign in to websites ? Well with hundreds of logins and unique password , it is impossible to memorize and so you often forgot your password , right ?

Okay today i am gonna help you and give a perfect , simple and secure way of storing passwords. You just don't have to keep remembering all those passwords.

I have seen that many people uses same password to all site which is very dangerous , because if hacker got it then you may lose all your accounts at the same time . 

Google password manager

So keep in mind always use strong and unique password in different sites.

So lets come to our main point what is google password manager ?

What is google password manager ?

Google password manager is a built in password storing system which comes with all google account. Okay It is built in feature of your google account.

It is located in security portion or menu and when you visit that page you will see all sites you sign in and also you see all your passwords there.

So its not necessary to remember your passwords but wait how does it work ?

How does it works ?

Well when you create a google account , password manager also comes free .

How do you store password in it ?

Well when you sign in or enter your gmail id and password it automatically detect and a pop-up will appear which gives a blue  button " save" . Just click on that and you stored it. This pop up is generated by

So how do you see and copy that password in case you forgot it ?

How to see password from google password manager ?

In order to see your passwords just follow these steps .

Step 1 : At first enter or reach to your google dashboard and check " security " in menu.
Then you will see something like this ---->

Google password manager

Step 2 : so in above picture there is an option called password manager just click on that then you will see something like this ---->

Step 3 : In above picture you will see all your sign in sites . Just click on sites  to see password . Then you will see like this ---->

Step 4 : In above picture you will be asked your current password to check whether its you or not then you will see like this ---->

Step 5 : In above picture just click on Eye icon and you will see your password.


Should i use dedicated password manager ?

So you asked me should i use dedicated password manager ?  Hahaha its really funny for computer geek like me. I will never store my passwords in any app or even in a text file in pc.

But why well it is not good to store password digitally means not in pc mobile or tablet. Many malware and apps have full access to your computer and mobile phone and they see all your information . So digital password storage is not good.

So you must be wondering why should i use google password manager. Okay answer is trust and brand . Google is huge giant and they cannot reveal personal data. If such thing happen company will face law , court and cyber policies and they will be fined .

Like facebook was fined.

But wait if a small and unknown company hacked your account No one is going to help you. They are just fraud .

Still there exist service like lastpass apps to do storage but i don't recommend .
Its better to use google than an unknown app.


 So finally i can say that password management and storage has become a tough job today. Several logins and many password create a huge problem. But google has , okay may not be perfect but very great solution.

I already explained don't trust any app for storing password . Only trusted and genuine application should be used and google password manager stands out in standard.

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Hey it is part of google account guide book please read that series.

So are you  ready for epic article of google account series ? Yes this is the most important post of google account guide book series. 

In this article you will know how to login to google account . What does logging means ? Login simply means entering into the google account . And when you enter into google account you will reach to google dashboard.

Google dashboard is an interface where you can changes account settings , set a recovery email , use password manager and many more.

So today i will teach you how to enter or login into google account  .

There are two ways to reach to google dashboard .
1. From any browser like chrome , opera in any devices like phone , tablet or computer

2. From Android phone 

1. From any browser like chrome , opera in any devices like desktop , mobile , tablet.

For login to google you must have a google account . If you don't have account you should first create it . Then you will know it better.

 Just follow steps below to login and also if you are alot familiar with chrome you can  just read outlines .

1. open chrome browser
2. Click on signin button
3. Choose an account 
4. Enter password 
5. Hurrah! Its done

Just follow these all steps and you are done . Its easy.

Step 1: Go to chrome browser and just search for google then  you see like this----->

Chrome browser

Step 2 :
In above picture click on "sign in" button and then you will see something like this----->
Choose account

Step 3 :
In the above picture choose any of your account signed in to your device . Then you will be asked to enter your current password just like below ---->
Password box

Step 4:
Now just fill your previous password to that box and then click on "Next" 
Then you will see like this------>
Protect account
Thats it , congratulations you have logged in to your google account . 

So when you click on " Next " then you will see an interface called as google dashboard . 
Hey you should read about it.

2. From any android phone 

So second way of reaching to google dashboard is android phone. When google account is added to android phone you can login simply from settings .

Outline :
Go to settings / accounts/ manage your google accounts.

I am using samsung phone so picture may differ but most phone has similar features.

Step 1 : Go to settings of your phone and find "Accounts" option.

 Step 2 : In the above picture just click on "Accounts " then you will see following picture.

Step 3 : In the above picture there will be many options just click on "google" then you will see something like this --->

Step 4 : In above picture just click " Manage your Google Account" then you will see google account settings.


So finally i want to say you something . As i already told you this article is a part of google account guide book series and believe me it is most important article of this whole series.

Because this post teaches you that step which helps for many other thing.
If you didn't read this article then you won't understand many other . And also you won't be able to play with different features of google account .

So  if you read this post then congratulations you are one step ahead of others.

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Hello friends today in this article i will say you 8 security things you must do after you create a google account . 

If you don't know this is a part of google account guide book which talks everything you need know about google account. 

So let me refresh you about google account when you create google account , you get two things gmail and a password and when you sign in or login into the google account page.  Then you will reach to google dashboard and there you can do different changes and settings.

But why do you need security ? Because  a small google account constitute search history , comments of youtube , passwords that you have saved in google account ,emails and personal details and documents.

So finally to secure your account ......

I am gonna tell you 8 security things you must follow after creating google account 

1.Writing password on a diary.

2. Adding recovery email and phone number.
3. 2 step-verification
4. Learn to use password  manager
5. Creating strong password.
6. Change password regularly.

7. Don't use same password at different site.
8. Monitoring account activity regularly
 i. Devices access
ii. Web access
iii. Apps permission

1. Write password in a diary

When you create google account , you choose a password . This password is important and you must remember this password in order to use this account.

Remembering a strong password is very difficult and if you have a multiple google account with very strong passwords then it will be next to impossible to remember all.

So i personally suggest you to maintain a personal diary . I mean not only for google account for different purposes. 
Or you can simply write that password on a paper and put that paper on safe place.

I know about 90% of internet user do not do this and if you are one of them then you are very insecure but i am hoping that after reading this post you will start maintaining a password diary or write password on paper.

2. Add recovery phone number and email.

Adding recovery phone  number and email is very important step in security of your google account. If you forgot your password then you can reset it with phone number and email.  Your email and phone number can also be used for 2 step verification . 

Google also use this if any suspicious activity is found . This is to verify that it was you not a hacker . 

But the most important is resetting password , sometime we may forgot password and you won't be allowed to sign in a google account with wrong password. So what to do ? . Well go to recovery page and reset it. But for that you must have already added recovery phone number or email.

3.  2-step verification

2 step verification is very important security feature in google account. So what is this ? It is security feature which checks each time whether it is you or not. It uses sms code or mobile prompt or voice etc method for secondary verification.

What does it mean ?
It means that Although you know your gmail id and password you will always verify your identity. Its because your password can be guessed or bruteforced so secondary verification will save your account.

But nowadays this security feature has actually  turned into a problem or obstacle.
Ok so i am explaining you my own experience i did 2 step verification in one of my google account but later when i tried to sign in it showed error. I used correct password yet i was unable to sign in. Hey believe me i never write any wrong things about google and its product.

But i cannot also neglect my own experience. So if you are a normal internet user. DON'T Activate 2 step verification.

4. Learn to use password manager

Google password manager

Password manager is the most useful feature of a google account which is my favourite. Whenever you use google account on other site you create a new password and you can  save this password in google account.

So this option gives you chance to store thousands of password within your google account and if you forgot just open your password manager and  see it.

So in this way you will memorizes a single password and store remaining all password in it.

5. Creating a strong password

A strong password is a way you can secure your any account , it is not only applicable in google account but also in many other places.

So there are few steps which you can follow to create a strong password.
This is my own personal method which are explain in following points .

1. Use letters phrases not common names like john which can be guessed  easily.
2. Use numbers shape as alphabet like i use 1 as i and 5 as "s" and 0 as "o"  . This makes an easy to remember password.
3. Use shapes like $ , £ , € etc at middle or last or first.

4. You should not use serial numbers like 1234  or 567 which is easy for brute forcing.
5. Do not use repeated numbers like 9999
6 . Do not use patterns like 2468 or 1357 or 149 etc.

6. Change password regularly

You should always change your password regularly , you always think that your account will be secure but thats not true hacker finds you password and try to access your account.

There are many methods which is used to guess your password and so you should keep changing your password.
 Frequent password change makes your account almost unable to be hacked . Just imagine they got your current password and try to access and suddenly   you change it and they will again lose access.

So i always keep changing my password and i change password of my google account once a 3 month.

7. Don't use same password at different sites

Many people create and use same password in different sites during sign in . This is the most serious problem thats because they think that it will be easier to remember but it is not true.

In fact using same password at different site or poor secured site can lead to hacking of your all account . You will lose all your accounts at the same time.

Thats why you should never ever use same password at all site. And i already said google account has password manager to store or save it. So don't worry about remembering all password. You will have to know single password which is of your google account.

8. Monitoring Account activity regularly

Always monitor your account activity like which website can access your account , which apps has permission to use your data and which device is using your google account.

1. Web access
You should check which website uses your google account and also remove those sites which you currently do not use. You can remove site immediately after you completed your tasks.

2. Devices logged in
You must monitor which devices uses your google account . If you signed in your google account at any public computer or cyber then you should remove them immediately after your work is done.

3. Apps permission
In your phone there will be many apps which has permission to use your google account data. So if you no longer use such apps then you can uninstall such  apps in order to avoid any threats.


So what should you know from this article ? Well this post teaches you few simple steps to secure your google account . Like first write your password in a diary which is obviously not done by anyone  but its an important step. I donot maintain a personal password diary , i just use paper and keep it on safe place.

Also you should keep monitoring your account activity like apps and web access .
But the most important thing is setting recovery phone number so that you don't need to remember a single password , since i already explained everything so this much for todays post.
Thanks for reading.
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Hello everyone , in this article we are  going to learn , how to change gmail profile picture ?  In google account , you can add your public profile picture so that other people can recognize you.

I want to give few examples like some people have photo when they comment on youtube or comment on a blog and also they have profile picture on Gmail or youtube channel etc.

So these examples shows that you can also set your profile picture in google account.

How to change gmail profile picture

Yeah for that you need to follow these simple steps and its all done . 

Steps to change gmail profile picture 

step 1: At first go to home page of google account or google dashboard where you will see something like this --->
Google account

step 2 : In your dashboard just click on personal info and then you will see like this---->
Change gmail profile picture

step 3: in profile section of above picture just click on "photo " then you will be given this interface--->

Step 4 : In above picture just click on " select photo " then choose any photo from your mobile phone then you will see like this---> 

Select photo

step 5 : In above picture just click on blue button " set as profile photo " it will take few seconds to upload and then you will you photo on profile section like this ---> 

Change gmail profile picture
 congratulations !!! you have changed your gmail profile picture.

There are some frequently asked question FAQs which are presented below.

Why should i add my profile photo ?

The main reason for adding a photo is for your identification so that people can see you and remember you . Well adding a photo also increases credibility of your profile and people give you more importance when you comment at youtube and websites.
How many times can i change gmail profile picture ?Hey friends there is no any fixed number of changing the photo and google allow you to change your photo as many time as you like . In other words its all your choice.

What kind of photo should i choose for business like youtuber , blogger , online marketer?

If you run an online business , youtuber or blogger then you should use logo or brand name as profile picture .  That photo should be unique and very easy to remember so that it will capture the audience attraction.

When you add your logo as profile picture then it will give you a brand recognition . More people will  join you. And the most important thing is you should not change you brand name or logo just suddenly because you will lose your customer or followers..

Is it compulsory to put my photo ?

No , its not compulsory to add a photo because internet is for all even anonymous users and so they can hide their face. But their IP address is not hidden so it is also your choice.

Can i see any error while changing profile picture ?

I don't think you will see any error while changing your photo as it is very simple and yet if you find any error or difficulty just leave a question on comment i will answer as fast as possible.


So today in this article we learnt about gmail profile picture , it is very good to add pictures in any account whether it is google or facebook etc because it will make strong bond between you and your audience.

If you want to learn completely about google account then checkout my google account guide book.

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